Friday, January 25, 2008

Another day another dollar

Spent that is. Michael's was having a sale on their embellishments. I couldn't get much but I bought a few more brads and some train stickers I have been wanting for a LO. I will post a pic when I make the page :). Abigail and I met Josh in Colfax for lunch. He introduced to the Imperial (Chinese). It was pretty good and nice size portions. I would say worth another visit. Then bug and I loaded up and headed to Moscow for a couple hours of walking around and a little shopping. It was nice to get out of the house for awhile. Sometimes I begin to feel like a caged mouse. Yes, I have things to do but it would be nice to be free from constrants. Josh has had the Subaru for the last couple of weeks to get to and from work and although we have another car it does not do snow well. The unfortunate thing about getting out is that we sometimes miss nap times (such as today). Although Abigail has been moving into a one nap a day schedule occasionally she still needs two. Today was a two nap day and she only got one. She is suprisingly in a good mood but she is obviously tired. So with that I sign off to help keep her happy between now, dinner and then promptly bed.

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