Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Frustrated beyond repair…

My daughter so cute so sweet until you set her in a bath tub then the evil emerges and I can’t get her to stay put. Let me see if I can set this scene for you. We walk into the kitchen (I don’t actually have a bathtub) and as soon as her pretty little feet hit the water she screams, wails, and looks at me with those big blue eyes that just yell “how could you mama” as I struggle to get soap on her hair as she attempts with much effort to stand up. Then of coarse I have to get the soap I just put in her hair out. I only have one hand so I take the wash cloth and run it through her hair until I don’t see anymore evidence of soap all the while water is going into her face so she is getting more upset and fighting all the more. Then it is a quick (mind you I said quick) wipe down and finally, it is time to get out. Again a reminder that she wants out of the bath very badly so I can’t take a hand off of her So, grab the towel with one hand holding it in my teeth in order to hopefully protect my clothes a little HA and of course so can have use both hands to pick her up. As soon as she is lifted folds her legs toward her chest and refuses to uncurl them until she is in my arms and away from the water. Of course by this time I am drenched for my efforts and must also dry off and change as well. You would think that after she is out it would be the end of the fight but no it continues as we move onto the forever hated clothes. By the end of it all I am frustrated and frazzled.
I used to think that wrestling my 60lb dog into a bath was hard but Chase has got nothing on Abigail. The clothes thing I get she has been that way for a long while. But the bath thing… it was like a switch was flipped and my once splashing happy baby that would play with her toys and be sad when bath time was over turned into… well I described it earlier. So if you seasoned parents have any advice that you would like to send this frazzled parent I would happily receive it.

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Anonymous said...

My mom use to use the sprayer hose. She would run just enough to cover the bottom of the sink and let my brothers play in that. Once it was wash time she drained that an used the sprayer hose on/in the sink, but of course ther still was some struggles just not as much. charity