Saturday, June 14, 2008

Coffee and Cropping Yay for ME!

My day has been so fun... not really sure what Josh and Abi did but I got up early (not exactly the fun part) and met my BFF for coffee and we attempted to hit some yard sales but didn't see anything good so we drove on. Then I came home and picked up my kit for Kit Club @ PaperPals ( our local scrapbook store. I love seeing what other ladies do with the same stuff that I was given. Most of the time I feel quite inadiquate to call myself a scrapbooker but I always get some amazing ideas. Then I had a short break and headed back to PaperPals to take a class on using a clear acrylic album. It was so much fun. Shawna had a demo she had done but left it open for us to make our own. I found this fun and yet challenging. Again back to the I feel inadequate around most other scrapbookers. I had to keep on asking Shawna for approval (thank you Shawna). Here is some pics of some of the pages of my book...
After the class I was expecting to go home grab a quick bite and go work on roofing project number 2. Sorry no pics I forgot to bring my camera. Hopefully I will get some from the home owner. Just as I was about to leave PP I got a call from Joel that said they were all done so I got to go home. With no roofing project I knew that I needed to go work on cleaning a house that I am working on for some friends so I muster up the strength and headed over. I entered the house making sure ppl knew I was coming in. There was a car parked outside but I figured it was just more ppl. working on the house (our friends are doing a MAJOR remodel) I came up stairs to find Nick and Sherri! What is the significance of that you might ask... Well about threeish years ago they moved away b/c Nick joined the Army. I didn't know they were in town so it was a very pleasant surprise. We chatted for awhile and then I went to go get the the cleaning I had come there to do however, another pleasant surprise, the cleaning supplies were nowhere to be found so I was able to come home and relax. Again YAY FOR ME! Hope everyone else has had as pleasant of a day as I have.

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