Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Packing and a planting...

Today has been one of those days were the morning felt like I had all the time in the world. Then like a mack truck it hit me not only did I double book myself for this evening (oops) I have two days before I leave for 10 and I have packed nothing yep that's right nothing. First thing first I had to call my friends that we were having dinner with and A. Cancel B. Bring kiddos with me. Luckily B worked out. (I refused to give up watching the kiddos we had some planting plans). So to dinner we went. It was very fun and exciting and the kids did amazingly well. So we played and visited for a few hours. Then we did the planting. Planting what you ask? A geocache! That's right a geocache (! The kids helped us find the most perfect spot. Well hidden under some... well that would ruin the surprise for someone who was attempting to find it. We creeped in buried it and creeped out. The name of the cache is Hatchets and Pointy Sticks. The name has deep personal meaning. Tomorrow I shall share the story so stay tuned.

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