Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hatchets and Pointy Sticks

Good Morning! As promised the story behind the name.
A few years ago some friends of ours asked us to watch their kiddos SM and JM. After dropping SM off at school JM and I had some time to kill. So we (as in I) decided it was a beautiful day we should go for a walk down a local walking trail. After informing JM of the plan he got so excited and enthusiastically told me we had to go by the house so he could get his tools. Well he is a boy so that could mean just about anything. But I could not deny those bright blue eyes the chance to get his tools so we stopped by the house. He immediately runs into the garage and comes back with a hatchet. In my head something said maybe this was a bad idea but his parents have let them do strange things in the past. Like eating doughnut holes for breakfast... don't judge. My family wasn't allowed that for breakfast. JM happily placed the hatchet in his back pack and we were off. When we got to the trail he asked if he could pull out the hatchet as we walked. Okay I am not a total idiot... NO. There are MANY stops along the way so I let JM know that he could play with the hatchet then. At the first stop he pulled the hatchet out of his backpack with great might and enthusiasm. Here is how it went:
JM: "Can I cut down the forest" (there is not real forest, mainly weeds).
ME: "sure have fun but don't cut your leg off (mom is a nurse don't think she wants to see her kid for a hatchet wound)
JM: Big smile, blue eyes sparkling "okay"
After about 10 min of "cutting" He placed the hatchet back into his backpack and we were off to a "better spot". At the next spot our narrative was basically the same however, there was an added element. Another family. Oh yeah my bad idea feeling begins to emerge again. JM asks little girl if he would like to play. As he pulls out the hatchet mom of little girls eyes get big and she looks at me with glaring eyes that just yelled "are you a complete idiot". I was feeling a bit like one at this point. After awhile it was time to go meet JM's mom and my baby needed a nap. So he placed the hatchet back into the backpack and we headed home. After a full day of chopping down the forest JM was very tired to so he went to play in his room. The story, however, is not over... Mom arrives home and i begin to tell her about our adventurous afternoon. When I bring up the hatchet
AM: "Oh the cute little plastic one out of his room"
ME: trying to look sheepish "No, the one out the garage"
AM: "his dad's hatchet"
ME: "apparently"
AM: "and you didn't think that could be a bad idea"
ME: "well yeah, but you let your kids do weired things all the time..." (also an important note: Every time we have thought the kids were pulling our leg they are allowed to do we find out later after talking to the parents that they are allowed to do it!)
Since no one got hurt it was just a good laugh one they still like to tease me about. Oh and for those of you are reading this thinking whats the big deal a boy... a hatchet... JM was only four. There you go I admitted it I let a four year old smile his way into playing with a hatchet. The pointy sticks is just a play on the hatchet... when were were planting the cache JM found a pointy stick broke it to make two pointy sticks and shared one with his sis SM. When his parents called I said to them "no, worries they are just running down the trail with pointy sticks" This time I was a little smarter and told them to stop running. LOL.

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