Saturday, November 1, 2008

I'm BACK!!!!!!!!

What it has been 2 months! Oh no it has been almost 4! End of July to November WOW I am horrible. Well let’s see now that we are begining to get a handle on life let's catch everyone up…
August—our friends ran away to New Zealand. Yep you know who you are! So, thus August began the month(s) of adjustment. We moved into a new place, I started a new job, Abi started day care, our friends ditched us for paradise, so on and so forth. Overall, the month is a blur and all I remember is it is over.
September—We took a bunch of students to a conference IT WAS EXCELLENT! It spurred them into some amazing acts (like starting prayer groups at both the MS and HS). As a family took a spontaneous day trip to Walla Walla. It was nice to see family again we have not been there since early July and we won’t have time to go back until Thanksgiving. Ha that is only a few weeks away now!
October—My job sent me to San Diego! It was fun but I got sick the day I left. Diagnosis was strep throat. Yep no fun. I was able to see my Uncle Chuck and Aunt Diane while I was there! Of course that was after I had been on meds for 24 hours. I was thoughtful and caring to my family but those poor people on the plane(s) SORRY. Probably should not have gone but work had already paid for it. I had to go. I was able to meet Aunt Diane’s mom too while I was there. She was amazing. I hope I get to spend more time around her in the future. I told them I am going to work on getting my parents down there. Hint Hint Parents! The conference was good too. Okay kind of an afterthought but it really was a good conference. Before this trip I had never been to CA, never rode on a plane by myself, and I had never had strep so the whole thing was an experience. I can honestly say I don't EVER want strep again. The other new stuff was fine.
Last Wednesday Abigail got a nasty rash! Unfortunately the rash followed a night of her throwing up numerous times. My poor kiddo was just! The worried mom I am I called Abi’s pediatrician immediately and told him Abi was throwing up! He told me just to give her fluids in small amounts and that stomach bugs were going around. Thank you Dr. Mike for taking my calls and for your patience with my moments. The next morning (when she woke with the gnarly rash) we called the Pediatric office and spoke with Dr. A (Mike wasn’t there *sad*). I described the rash and what happened the night before she said that Abi was probably having an allergic reaction and to give her Benadryl. I as mom did not freak out at all… Okay who am I kidding I was freaked! I kept asking “are you sure” “how long do I wait before I rush her to the hospital and when do you need to see her” “what else do I look for” that went on and on for a bit. Dr. A was great and said she is confident it is an allergic reaction but if I want to bring her in I can. We didn’t bring her in and I sent Josh for Benadryl. After 30-40 minutes the rash was lessoned and by an hour it was gone. Josh and I are not sure what got her sick but we think it may be the huckleberry popcorn we fed her Tuesday. I know she should not of had popcorn but she liked it. Looking back on the week I keep thinking I didn't take any pictures of that rash! It looked like someone had poored water on paper only the water was red and the paper was Abi's skin. What was I thinking not documenting this event on film words do not give justice that a picture could have. Oh well. I will post about Halloween later and that should catch everyone up... my fingers are hurting. Maybe if i didn't wait almost 4 months to post. Oh the thoughts to ponder.


Branden Harvey said...

Woo hoo! I'm a follower!

Anonymous said...

Okay...Okay....I'm sorry we dumped you for paradise. Actually we didn't dump you, you can't get rid of us that easily! We miss you a ton and love you much. Give Abi Abi a sloppy kiss from the Moore's!

Niki said...

You have had an eventful summer/fall! So glad your new job is going well!!! Sorry I haven't written in a million years but my computer crashed and I lost everyone's blogs...slowly I'm recuperating!