Saturday, November 8, 2008

Rain Rain Go AWAY!!

It has been rainy and just no fun for about 5 days. I am done with it. Rain makes me feel sad and lazy. We had plans to bring Abi to the park for some good old family bonding but, then we opened the door to find dark scary skies and water pouring down. So sad and our plans so perfectly ruined. In more of a gripe daylight savings is the worst ever! I go to work in the daylight and come home to blackness.

Okay enough whining. Things to be thankful for: Abi is now happily playing with a counting pig and showing me her amazing motor skills. We have had a good afternoon. While Abi napped I watched a movie (Journey to the Center of the Earth), caught up on some blogs, and checked out the posts on Two Peas. Basically Abi and I have been just relaxing and spending some quality time together. She doesn't get enough of that these days.

In the midst of reading blogs I have decided to set forth some themes for this blog. I am not the most creative so I could only come up with Crop Pot Tuesdays. Tuesday's are our one of our busiest days and we are often grabbing a quick fast food dinner on the way to home group. I would like to prevent that slippery slope so I am going to do a crop pot meal every Tuesday... Now to find recipes!!


Linda Rodriguez said...

Great idea about using the crock pot - I so need to do that for the same reason you listed! Good luck!

Brandi said...

Hey Ruthie! I use my crock pot on those days you know your on the run too! I have a great meatloaf recipe and a chicken enchilada cassarole. Also check out 2 web sites: (under advanced search you can click a method of cooking and crock pot is a choice) and 9this one has tons of great recipes and you can create a little recipe box. Just search something like crock pot chicken). Also if you have a bread machine you can program them to delay and have a loaf done right at the time your ready to eat. Busy mom gems! lol have fun!

Shawna said...

Cute new layout!!! I love crock pot cooking! I agree with is a great site!