Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's Crock Pot Tuesday

Thank You to all of those who have and do serve. Also, Thank You to the families who stand by their loved ones!
Today I made good old fashioned stew with semi homemade bread. I bought frozen dough. :) The recipe is pretty easy. I cut up a roast (cheaper than stew meat). I coated each piece with a flour, seasoning salt, garlic mixture. Meat goes in the crock pot 1st then potatoes and carrots on top. I then put a can of beef broth in a bowl and mix in 2 packs of onion soup mix then added it to the crock pot. It took 2 cans of beef broth to fill the pot. I prefer to use broth as it gives the stew a more robust flavor. If I can't use a full 3rd can I use water to finish filling the top just covering the carrots. Put it in the pot get home and it is done :) Abi, who is a particular eater, loved it and it is a Josh fav. Now just to figure out the next few weeks so I don't make the same dish over and over.

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