Friday, February 15, 2008

Book review

Almost a year ago a friend suggested I read "Marley and Me" by John Grogan. Well I am finally getting around to "reading" it (gotta love audio books). It is hilarious! Let me set one of the most hilarious scenes for you. A family of four goes for a walk with their 90lb lab in a beach front a priced neighborhood. You know the kind of neighborhoods were the people don’t own any animals over 20lbs and certainly not a lab. In this neighborhood there are restaurants were tables are set up outside so those walking pets can also enjoy a meal. The day is going well so the family decides to partake in one of these restaurants. They sit down and they tie the 90lb lab to the what they see as a very sturdy table. They order drinks for themselves and the kids. It is looking like a particularly nice afternoon when the family dog sets his eyes on something he wants; a poodle a few tables over. The table they are sitting at is soon whisked away as and the seemingly innocent family pet races for his object of his desire. If you can imagine the crashing of tables and most importantly the look this family's faces and everyone else’s as this large animal destroys the setting. If that is not funny enough the wife (one of said labs owners) responds to the situation in a tone that would make one think that this normal and happens everyday. I am not quite as eloquent as John Grogan but you get the point. However, I must warn that there are a few sad parts in the book to include the beloved family pets passing. Overall, a good "read". I will have to thank my friend for suggesting it.

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