Monday, February 18, 2008


Today was a good day. I was able so sleep in due to my wonderful husband having the day off. We both had a visit with the dentist and we are looking good :). I had the bonus of being able to visit with all my old co-workers too. After the dentist I met up with Nicole for coffee. While visiting the wonderful Daily Grind we ran into Brittany and Danielle. After coffee we ran to paper pals one of my favorite stores. Shawna was working and intoduced me to this new craze called Bento. A few examples:
Seriously, these people have gotta be mad. It is a Japense tradition of how to do portion control. Portion control is one thing but this is crazy. This is gotta be time consuming and this is only one meal. There are some not so elaborate ones that appear more reasonable but I had to show these ones.
After this revelation I droped off Nicole and we went Geo chaching. Oh so much fun. However, we have to go out again b/c this stupid cash has remained unfound :(.


Karen said...

Hey Ruth! Where do you guys go Geo Caching! My husband, son and I have thought about doing this. It sounds fun.


Shelle and Dan said...

Cool pictures, although I have to agree with you on how much work they'd be to actually make. Thanks so much for your help with Children's Church. They were certainly hyper today and loved running around with you.