Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Reminder on Valentines Day…

I woke up this morning to the item pictured below resting on my computer. We didn’t have the money to buy each other a gift this year so he made me this. I was reminded of how much my husband loved me. Not because of the words he wrote (which were sweet too) but because of the time and energy he spent making me this gift. We have been blessed by having love. Not the cheap kind but the kind that is deeply rooted in friendship. Josh and I are hard to explain and sometimes I don’t really get it. We fight (hello most couples do) but no matter what I know he isn’t going anywhere and he knows neither am I. Whenever I wonder how I snagged such an amazing husband I am reminded that Josh was God’s plan for me. I guy big enough to deal with getting picked on occasionally and patient enough to deal with all my issues. I am not always good and letting God take the wheel of my car of life. In the case of my husband God gave me above and beyond and I am so glad I didn’t interfere with His plan.

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