Wednesday, February 27, 2008

catching up...

Lets start with Thursday....

I got up that morning and headed off to the doctor. Not a bad visit she prescribed me some sleep meds. Can you say, wonderful. Finished packing for the retreat (Walk with Christ) I worked this last weekend. The we all loaded up to head for Spokane.
Abigail had an appointment with child neurology and then they dropped me off at the walk location. The neurologist let us know that she had bi-lateral temporal lobe damage. For you non-medical folks basically she has the potential of having learning problems is the future. He also let us know that if speech therepy is suggested we need to get her into it sooner rather than later. Then it was off the the Social security office to get a new card for Abigail (kinda wishing we would have gotten mine at the same time). That took awhile but thanks to Palouse Pediatrics faxing the information that proved Abigail's identity we were able to get the card. Ironically we were asked twice if Abigail had picture ID. We are thinking about going down to the DMV to get her in ID just for the fun of it. Then they dropped me off at the walk location.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are a blur but here is what I learned during the weekend....

1. How to skuip (no not misspelled) only a few get it but seriously funny
2. I look angry when I am thinking or not talking
Everyone kept asking me what was wrong when I wasn't talking. I know I like to talk and socialize but even butterfly's need to rest.
3. Making decor is a lot of work
4. Get women tired and we will discuss and laugh at the funniest things
5. Chocolate and Coffee gifts from God to us.

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Niki said...

I had no clue you guys were going through illness with your baby. May you be refreshed and at peace as you go through the appointments and other things in life with your beautiful little girl.